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EFI Fiery and Xerox support

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The following statement applies to Xerox and Fuji-Xerox MFPs when used with EFI Fiery controllers with Equitrac and other Kofax MFDP products.

EFI Fiery are optional print controllers used with MFPs. 

EFI Fiery controllers can be connected to the network and MFP in one of two ways:

  1. Network / Hub Configuration - meaning that the MFP and EFI Fiery controller each have their own IP addresses, and are connected to the network independently.  
  2. Direct Configuration - Only the EFI Fiery is connected to the network.  The MFP is connected to the EFI Fiery controller, and is isolated from the network

In the Network / Hub Configuration, then the native controller works identically to when a EFI Fiery controller is not present.  In this case, the Kofax MFDP software and client running on the MFP is fully supported.

In the Direct configuration the Kofax MFDP software or client may not always be able to communicate correctly to the server components, which may result in unexpected behavior.  Kofax cannot provide support in this case.  Please reconfigure to the Network / Hub Configuration for use with Equitrac and other Kofax MFDP products.

Please refer to the attached document prepared by Professional Services indicating the specific scenarios that were tested and is fully supported.  Anything not explicitly stated as supported in the document may not be supported.

Please note:  All printing through the Fiery controller was done via port 9100 / RAW.  The lpr ports (hold, direct, queue) were not used and not tested.



EFI - System Build Reference Guide - Customer v2.pdf (3.8 MB)