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Equitrac: NFC enabled phones for authentication


Can NFC-enabled devices (i.e. smart phones) be used with Equitrac card readers to authenticate?  


ControlSuite, Equitrac 6, Output Manager 5 together with Business Connect 8, the Kofax Micro Card Readers and a compatible Embedded Client(*) now supports the use of NFC enabled smartphones for authentication.

The Business Connect 8 application should be installed on compatible Android and iOS devices, and the Authentication option should be used.  The phone should be tapped on the Micro Card Reader connected to a compatible MFP running the appropriate Embedded Client, and the user will be logged in.

Note: iOS devices use Bluetooth Low Energy (BTLE) rather than NFC technology, however the user experience is identical.

(*) Compatible Embedded Clients include:

  • Equitrac Embedded for Fuji-Xerox ECSP
  • Equitrac Embedded for Xerox ECSP
  • Equitrac Embedded for HP OXP
  • Nuance Unified Client for Ricoh SOP
  • Ricoh PCC 4
  • Ricoh PCC 5