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Equitrac Express/Office 5: Apache Tomcat FAQ

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Some embedded device types require that Device Web Server (DWS) be installed. DWS is installed a sub-component of the Device Control Engine when using Equitrac. Apache Tomcat is the web server that runs within DWS.

What version of Apache Tomcat is used by Equitrac Device Web Server?


To find out what version of Tomcat is being used in DWS:

  1. Open a web browser to https://localhost:8443 on the DWS server
  2. Login with an administrative account
  3. The Tomcat version is listed half way down the page

dws server main page.png

Example versions are here:

Equitrac Office/Express DCE version Apache Tomcat version within DWS
5.7 With Log4j Patch (Version and higher) 9.0.50
5.7 With Fixpack 1 9.0.37
5.7 with DWS hotfix 314113 or later (DWS version 5.8) 7.0.79
5.7 with DWS hotfix 309779 or earlier (DWS version 5.7) 7.0.70
5.6 and 5.5 7.0.62
5.4 to 5.1 7.0.39

The Tomcat versions listed above are valid for the full release of the corresponding Equitrac version. DWS hotfixes may update the Tomcat version - check the hotfix release notes for details.

Can the customer or end user update to a newer version of Apache Tomcat?

It is not possible to upgrade Apache Tomcat alone.  Doing so may result in a non-functional system.

Apache Tomcat must be updated by installing a newer version of Equitrac. Please see the Upgrade section of the relevant Equitrac Office and Express Installation Guide for more information.

Is Apache Tomcat needed for every installation?

Apache Tomcat is a vital component of Device Web Server, and is required for any embedded client that utilizes DWS. If the embedded device type does not require DWS (check the Embedded setup guide for the embedded device type being used) then Device Web Server is not required.  In those cases, DWS may be uninstalled using Programs and Features/Add/Remove Programs (via Control Panel), selecting the Change option for Equitrac and removing (unselecting) the DWS component under DCE (Device Control Engine) node.