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Equitrac Office/Express 5.6 and 5.7 - Alternatives to e-queues

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Equitrac Office and Express 5.6 introduced major changes to how Equitrac interacts with the Windows printer spooler. Equitrac no longer uses Equitrac ports (including e-queues) and subsequently removed them, along with the Printer Configuration Wizard. These changes were made to allow Equitrac to support V4 print drivers.

While e-queues have been removed, similar behavior can be utilized - however it will not be identical. Remember that if any queue's Secure printing setting is set to "Enabled" then any device whose queue is in the same pull group can see and release its documents - this is existing functionality. This means any existing queue can be configured to be the new hold queue, or for simplicity and easier management a dummy queue may be created that does not "point" to any specific device.

Let's see an example:

  1. Create a new standard TCP/IP port (do not use any other port type) - the Printer Name or IP Address should be set to "". For Device Type choose "Generic Network Card". 
  2. Create and configure a new print queue using the newly created port from step 1.  This could be called any name, and for this example will be called "alt-queue".
  3. Print a test page to the new queue to make it appear in Equitrac. The job will not go anywhere as the IP address is This job can be removed.
  4. In Equitrac System Manager, select "devices".
    • Click Refresh
    • Open the newly-created physical device and configure "Release documents from pull group" accordingly
    • Open the newly created print queue (under the physical device) and change Secure printing to "Enabled"
  5. Print a test page to the new queue
    • Check that it appears in Print Queue Viewer
    • Release the document from any device whose queue shares the same pull group

For Equitrac Office and Express 5.7, the Managed Queues includes functionality similar to e-queues.

What happens to existing e-queues when upgrading from Equitrac Office/Express from 5.5 (or earlier) to 5.6 (or later)?

When upgrading to Equitrac Office and Express 5.6, e-queues' ports are converted to standard TCP/IP ports (using a loopback address) in a similar fashion to the steps above.  It may appear in System Manager with the label "e-queue", however it is actually no longer functional as an e-equeue.