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Equitrac Office and Equitrac Express - Active ports required for communication

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With Equitrac Office 5.x and Equitrac Express 5.x, which IP ports must be open for Equitrac components to communicate properly?


For the Equitrac components are to communicate through any type of firewall, ports must be open in order for the servers to communicate properly.  See the images below for the details.



Please also refer to the specific product documentation for required ports.  Example screenshot from Documentation is shown below.



NOTE: Please refer to the applicable firewall documentation for product-specific information about opening ports. Ports and protocols used by different releases of Equitrac may differ. Please refer to the Equitrac Office and Express Planning Guide for additional details on ports used. The following information is not intended as an exhaustive nor comprehensive look into ports and protocols in use by Equitrac. Please refer to topic specific Equitrac documentation or contact a Kofax technician with specific inquiries.