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Equitrac and Microsoft Print Driver Isolation

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Does Equitrac work when using Print Driver Isolation?


Yes. Microsoft's Print Driver Isolation options improve the reliability of the Windows print service by enabling print drivers to run separated from the print spooler memory space. In the event of a catastrophic failure in these spaces, only those workflows are affected. This process however is essentially transparent to Equitrac and should have no direct impact on Equitrac managed workflows. There are cases in which print drivers may not work as expected in print driver isolation however this is generally a fault of the drivers themselves.

While Equitrac makes no guarantees regarding the behavior of print driver isolation options, we expect no difficulties using these options with Equitrac managed workflows. Nuance has seen driver isolation successfully implemented on standard printing workflows with Equitrac Office and Express 5.x.

Explanation of Print Driver Isolation

Print driver isolation can work in several different modes. Here is a brief explanation of each mode. Further information can be found in Microsoft articles such as:

Microsoft MSDN on Print Driver Isolation

Driver-isolation mode Meaning


Run the driver in a process that is shared with other printer drivers but is separate from the spooler process.


Run the driver in a process that is separate from the spooler process and is not shared with other printer drivers.


Run the driver in the spooler process.