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Equitrac reports do not match device counts or 3rd party reports

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Review of Equitrac reports and another report may show significant differences in activity

There are many causes for these discrepancies. The most common are listed below.

  1. Printing bypassing the Equitrac system. Depending on the configuration and setup of the Equitrac solution, it may be possible to bypass the Equitrac tracking system. For example, if users are able to print directly from a workstation without using an Equitrac enabled print server, the activity may not be recorded. Equitrac workstation clients with the DRC (Direct IP printing) module can track this activity. To prevent this, direct printing must be disabled.
  2. Additional activity types. If a device is capable of scan, copy, fax, or other document processing options, these may not be recorded by an Equitrac solution. Use of an Equitrac embedded platform or Equitrac pagecounter device may be used to track some or all of this type of activity. Devices often have different capabilities and may require different configuration and tracking methods to record their activity.
  3. Device configuration. Different devices may record activity in different ways. For example, many print devices track large paper types (larger than A4 or Letter), as 2 pages for one printed page. Equitrac always records print impressions so a larger page is one impression to the Equitrac solution.
  4. Print Driver.  In some cases, print drivers may insert a blank image when printing duplex to generate an even number of impressions. For example, a document with 3 pages printed duplex job may be accounted as 4 pages.
  5. Cancellations and paper jams. When using DRE or DRC print tracking, any change to a job that occurs after if it is released will normally be recorded as the full job count. Paper jams, cancellations, or other modifications done after initial release will cause accounting discrepancies. Equitrac embedded devices, and other accounting options such as PJL tracking may be able to account for these adjustments.
  6. Configuration issues. In order to track print jobs properly at an Equitrac enabled print server, all printers to be managed by Equitrac v5.5 and earlier must be configured to use an Equitrac port. In addition, print tracking must be enabled in the device configuration in Equitrac system manager -> Devices -> Selected Physical Device -> Tracking Behavior. This is always enabled by default but can be turned off in some scenarios.
  7. Unsupported print stream. In some cases, Equitrac may not be able to interpret data in the print stream. Equitrac supports only certain types of print driver languages such as PostScript and PCL. For a complete list, see the Equitrac administration guide (Data Stream Interpreters). Additionally, certain other driver considerations must be made. Type 4 print drivers are supported with Equitrac 5.6 and later. In some cases, Equitrac may record either a very high number of pages, 1 page or zero pages. Using an alternative print driver may be a quick and easy resolution in many cases.
  8. Double tracking. By default, Equitrac is configured to track print activity through DRE or DRC print tracking. Generally this means print activity is tracked as it passes through a print server or DRC enabled workstation. However, in some cases it is possible to track print activity through embedded device software. If embedded device accounting is enabled, DRE/DRC tracking must be disabled or duplicate transaction data may result, unless the option for reconciliation is available. Equitrac reports may show roughly double the print activity that the device meters would show. Note that this only applies to print activity. Copy, scan, and fax transactions are not affected by this issue.
  9. EFI Fiery. Reprints are not tracked by Equitrac.
  10. Separator pages.  Equitrac must be properly configured to handle separator pages.
  11. System Manager Configuration. The MFP / printer model may need to be populated within System Manager / Devices for proper copy tracking.
  12. Device limitation. Prints from USB drives may not be tracked due to limitations.

* Due to many different methods and techniques for measuring activity on MFD's and print devices, Equitrac in no way states or implies that an Equitrac report will match any other report.