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"HTTP Error 403 " error message appears when opening System Manager

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In Equitrac Express or Equitrac Office, when attempting to start Equitrac System Manager, an error message appears "HTTP Error 403 - Forbidden" and the program fails to start.


This error message can appear if the user attempting to start Equitrac System Manager does not have rights to administer the application.

To resolve this issue, add the user to a group that already has administrative rights to Equitrac System Manager.  If an administrative group does not already exist, create a new group, and add the user to the group.  You must also add the Administrator user to the group to ensure that the administrator can continue to administer System Manager.

To grant a group the right to administrator Equitrac System Manager, perform the following steps:

1.  Log on to a machine as a user with administrative rights to Equitrac System Manager.

2.  Start System Manager and then select Configuration in the left pane.

3.  In the right pane, under the section Other settings, select Access permissions.

4.  Left-click Admin and add the group to the administrative group.