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Basic Troubleshooting for Equitrac Card Readers

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Basic Troubleshooting for Equitrac Card Readers


Some suggested troubleshooting steps:

  1. Power off TPC or MFP that the Reader is connected to. > Reseat Card Reader cable that is connected to TPC or MFP > Power back on TPC or MFP and Test
  2. When testing, touch the card to the reader and leave it stationary for about 3 seconds.  Waving the card may actually result in a slower read.
  3. If you have a second unit that works on a different TPC or MFP, exchange the reader with the unit under test. If it works, then the Original Reader is likely bad (order replacement); if it doesn't then there is an issue with the TPC or MFP (troubleshoot TPC or MFP).
    • If you have a spare reader that works, it can be used instead.
  4. You can try a more detail troubleshooting tool, RMT.  See details in