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Capture and Send and Scan-To-Me workflows do not work in Equitrac 5.7 high availability load balancing environment.

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Problem statement:

Capture and Send and Scan-To-Me workflows do not work as expected in Equitrac Office / Express 5.7 when using the DCE high availability environment with a network load balancer.


Equitrac Office / Express 5.7 offers the option to use DCE in a high-availability environment, using a CouchBase HA configuration with a hardware load balancer. Because the hardware load balancer may split up the DCE traffic between different DCE servers, the SPE may not be able to identify the correct DCE server.

 Equitrac scan processes are designed with some high availability functionality built in.  However, Scan to Me and Capture and Send currently cannot be used when DCE is in a high availability configuration with network load balancer.


Do not use the network load balancer for MFPs that must use scan workflows.