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DCE Service Listening on Port 9898 Interferes with the Tripwire Application

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Problem Statement:

With Equitrac Office / Equitrac Express 5.4, there are conflicts with applications such as TripWire which uses port 9898.


The DCE service uses port 9898 for the PayStation Deposit Centre.


If the Deposit Centre is not being used, this listener can be turned off in EO / EE 5.4.

  1. Install EQ54-HF-259522-DCE (or later)
  2. Login to the DCE server with the user that is running the DCE service (Equitrac Service Account)
  3. Open regedit.exe to edit the registry.  Take the normal precaution of backing up the registry before modifying
  4. Create the following key: HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Equitrac\DCE
    • Note that the key is HKEY_CURRENT_USER, not HKLM.
  5. Create the following DWORD Value: ExcludeDCEPSDCServices
  6. Set the value of this to 1 to stop DCE from loading the listener for Pay Station on port 9898
  7. Restart the DCE service

Alternate method:

The recommended solution is to use the method shown above.  However, for versions older than 5.4, or for cases where the above cannot be done, there is an alternate method.

  1. Stop the DCE service.
  2. Browse to the following registry location:  HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Equitrac\DCE\Registered Controllers
  3. Open the windows Registry editor by opening regedit.exe.
  4. Make a backup of the registry for disaster recovery purposes.
  5. Rename or delete  the 'psdc' value
  6. Restart the DCE service.