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Device Web Service - How to capture trace logs

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DWS is used with AutoStore, Equitrac 6, Equitrac Office 5.x, Equitrac Express,and Output Manager, when deploying embedded clients, including the Nuance Unified Client.

DWS logs can get quite large so we would suggest to clear the logs prior to reproducing the issue. 

  1. Navigate to https://localhost:8443/ (or the IP or hostname of your DWS server)
  2. Login with a local administrator account
  3. Select logs > clear all logs
  4. Reproduce the issue
  5. Select "snapshots"
  6. Fill in all the details. Under "Limit Kofax log files" select -1
  7. Select "create" and this will create a .zip file for you to send over to us

If you are raising an issue regarding DWS failover, ensure logs are collected from all affected DWS servers