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Discrepancy on Page Counts Between Equitrac Reports and MFP Device

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With Equitrac Office and Equitrac Express, when running reports, the total counts reported in Reports Manager and on the MFP device differ for the same time period. The count is often noticeably higher on the MFP device, what could be the cause of this discrepancy?


This behavior can occur if the MFP device and Equitrac count pages using different methods, for example; Equitrac might count an 11 x 17 size page as one page, while the MFP device counts the same 11 x 17 page as two pages. A single color page might be tracked as one page in Equitrac, but more than one page by an MFP. Also, Equitrac tracks a duplex job based on the print driver information.

The print driver could send data to Equitrac indicating that a one page duplex job is to be counted as one page, whereas the MFP could count the duplex job as two pages.

If the discrepancy between Equitrac and the MFP is large and cannot be accounted for by counting differences, ensure that you are only comparing print jobs (in Equitrac) to print jobs (on the MFP) or copy jobs (in Equitrac) to copy jobs (on the MFP) and that the MFP count does not include fax and/or scan jobs. 

To verify the cause of the discrepancy, review the Equitrac reports for numerous zero page counts.  This might indicate a problem within Equitrac configuration.  If no zero page counts are found, contact the MFP vendor to clarify how pages are counted.

To troubleshoot the discrepancies, send and monitor numerous print jobs to the MFP device, comparing the Equitrac reported count with the device count.