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EO/EE - Not able to see Print Jobs in Follow-You

Problem Statement:

Print Jobs are showing in the EQPrintQueueViewer but when you login at the embedded device no documents are showing in the Follow-You. Tested WebRelease with the same issue even though if the user login to webtools he sees his secure jobs.

Cause 1:

The "Enable multi-server Follow-You" feature is not enabled.

Resolution 1:

Enable the "Enable multi-server Follow-You" feature under System Manager > Configuration > DRE/DRC and Follow-You Printing, then force DRE cache update

Cause 2:

A print job stored in the EQSpool has a cost value of $0.00

Resolution 2:

In Print Queue Viewer, check the oldest job queued by the user who cannot see any jobs on the embedded.  If the oldest job shows a cost of $0.00, delete it from the queue and refresh the cache on the DRE.