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EO/EE - Scan jobs not delivered to a specific user

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Problem statement:

Most scan jobs using Equitrac Scan-To-Me are delivered correctly.  However, scans to one specific user always fails. Error logs may show 'Could not rename image file [...] error: 6'


In Windows operating systems several file name restrictions exist including special characters and specific terms. In some cases, an Equitrac Scan-To-Me scan job file name may contain a reserved term.

A list of reserved terms may be reviewed with Microsoft articles such as: Microsoft - MS-DOS Device Driver Names Cannot be Used as File Names

Some examples of these restricted terms are CON, PRN, LPT1 or AUX

As a result, any file name such as 'con.pdf' or 'aux.pdf' is invalid and will cause the file creation / rename to fail.

Also note, the use of a period as a separator character will cause Windows to review the preceding text as a separate term. If the first term in a file name is a restricted term, it will generate this error. Only the first term is relevant in this case (eg 'term1.aux.pdf' is acceptable)

For example, the Scan-To-Me default file name convention is 'User name_date_time'. If the operators name is John Connor and their user name is con.john, the file name might be 'con.john_1-1-2017_12-30-00.pdf'. Since the first term in this file name is a restricted term ('con'), the file rename will fail and the job cannot be delivered.


One easy way to prevent this issue from occuring is to change the file name configuration in the Scan-To-Me configuration. Either precede the whole filename with some static text such as Scan_User name_Date_Time (ie 'Scan_con.john_1-1-2017_12-30-00.pdf') or change the order such as Date_Time_User name (ie '1-1-2017_12-30-00_con.john.pdf'). Any filename convention that prevents the first term from being a restricted term should prevent this issue.



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