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EO/EE with HP: Job Accounting Service Error 48.A1.01

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Problem Statement:

The error 48.A1.01 appears on HP MFP panel when using Equitrac Embedded for HP.


This error indicates that the transaction buffer is full, indicating that there are transactions which may have not been transferred successfully from the MFP to the server.

This can have multiple root causes, including:

- HP Job accounting not set up, or not set up correctly.  This is likely the root cause for a new installation.

- On Future Smart 4 devices, such as the HP Color LaserJet Managed MFP E87640-E87660 series, there have been reports of this issue occurring after the Embedded Client has been deployed successfully for some time. HP and Nuance are investigating to determine a root cause and resolution. 


If the following error appears in DCE logs:

[7][2015/04/14 13:57:36.963][00002298][00000000] '[DCEHPOXPdControllerClientManager::SubscribeTransactionNotifications] Unable to subscribe to transaction event notification for device 4963 with hostname  due to Lyra client error: Error: Failed to subscribe to event. There was no endpoint listening at https:///jobaccounting that could accept the message. This is often caused by an incorrect address or SOAP action. See Inner Exception, if present, for more details.'

Check the DCE server to make sure the full URL is registered:

1.  Stop the DCE service.

2.  Right-click the command prompt, and select Run as Administrator from the list.

3.  Run the following command:

netsh http show urlacl

The registered URl should look like this:

   Reserved URL            : http://:8005/Equitrac/HPOXP/TransactionService/

        User: Domain\eqservicesaccount 

            Listen: Yes

            Delegate: No

If it looks like the following,


remove the reservation and reserve the complete path, using the steps below.

1.  Stop the DCE service.

2.  Right-click the command prompt, and select Run as Administrator from the list.

3.  Run the following commands:

netsh http delete urlacl url=http://+:8005/

4.  Register the URL using the full HP URL:

netsh http add urlacl url=http://DCE_IP_Addr:8005/Equitrac/HPO...sactionService user= Domain\eqservicesaccount

where DCE_IP_Addr is the IP Address of the DCE server, and the eqservicesaccount is the name of the account that the Equitrac services are run under.

5.  Start the DCE service.

On the HP device check the firmware version and update if needed. Please note - currently firmware version 3.8.x is found to work well. Firmware 3.9.x and newer may experience issues.

Make sure the latest Jet Direct Card is installed on the devices.

Remove auto negotiate from the network connection by locking the device port and the switch port both to 100 Full-Duplex.