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Equitrac (EQ) Services Fail to Start

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In Equitrac Express and Equitrac Office, EQ services fail to start automatically. They also cannot be started manually. This behavior can occur if the password of the user under which the EQ services runs has changed. To resolve the issue, open the Services dialog box and right-click an EQ service and select Properties. Click the Logon tab and re-enter the current password. Repeat this process for each EQ service.

Some group policies for the change of passwords after a period of time.  If the user under which the service runs is a member of a group which has this policy applied, consider either moving the user to a group without the policy applied or creating a new user without the policy and assigning it to each EQ service.

Add note that an event log error will be generated stating that the service failed to start due to a login failure.