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Equitrac Embedded for Fuji-Xerox ECSP shows main menu instead of Print-to-Me Printing after login

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Problem Statement:

With Equitrac Office / Equitrac Express 5.x with DWS hotfixes (see details below), the Equitrac Embedded for Fuji-Xerox ECSP shows the main Fuji Xerox menu screen, rather than the Print-to-Me Printing Job List screen.

Affected versions: Equitrac Office / Equitrac Express 5.7, 5.6, 5.5 with EQ55-HF-250193-DWS or later, 5.4 with EQ54-HF-248675-DWS or later.


The "Screen Default" of the Fuji-Xerox MFP must be set to "FX ECSP".

This can be done manually at the MFP using the following steps.

Login as Admin -> Tools > System Settings -> Common Service Settings -> Screen / Button Settings ... -> Screen Default -> select FX ECSP custom service

For batch processing, a command line tool is available to change this setting. The "" tool is available from

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