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Equitrac Gen. 2 USB card readers - HID Prox Decoding

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Problem Statement:

When using Equitrac's Gen. 1 readers (CRU00Z01 / Y591-EHID-202 or Y591-EHID-203) , HID decoding works correctly, and returns the expected badge number when properly configured in System Manager.

After installing Equitrac's Gen. 2 card readers, HID decoding no longer works using the same settings in System Manager.  The raw value, which may be a 16 digit number, is returned instead.  The affected card readers include orderable part numbers CRU0MF02, CRU00Z02 and CRU0MC02.  The manufacturing part number on the bottom of the reader are respectively Y591-EMUL-202, Y591-E125-202, and Y591-EMSI-202. 


To make HID Decoding work with the new Gen. 2 Equitrac USB card readers, a hotfix or version update may be required for Equitrac Office and Equitrac Express.

Please refer to the table below:

Equitrac Office / Express Version  
4.2.4 update to 4.2.6 and apply hotfix
4.2.5 update to 4.2.6 and apply hotfix
4.2.6 HF-228671A-CAS or later
5.0 update to 5.2 and hotfix or 5.6
5.1 update to 5.2 and hotfix or 5.6 or 5.7
5.2 HF-227496-CAS or later
5.3 update to 5.6 or 5.7
5.4 update to 5.6 or 5.7
5.5 update to 5.6 or 5.7
5.6 No hotfix required+
5.7 No hotfix required


Contact your Equitrac software provider to receive hotfixes.

Note: the hotfix release notes may not specifically reference this issue.