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Equitrac SPE - Error: '36404' appears when doing scans

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Problem Statement:

When using Equitrac Office 5.x or Equitrac Express 5.x using Capture and Send via Scan Processing Engine (SPE), what is the meaning of error 36404 which appears as part of a message similar to the one below? 

**Equitrac scan processing notification **   

Scan: '2015-04-20_11-55-22' to '\\eq-servr\ScanData\A00\A001ANDN;' from

device: 'MFP001' on '2015-04-20 11:55:42' failed to process. Error:


The scanned image can be retrieved using the following link:


*End of message*


Error: '36404' indicates that the image file conversion failed.  One possible cause is that the OCR (optical character recogniztion) Engine failed to process the image. 


By following the link given in the notification, the "failed" scan can be retrieved.

If OCR failed, the workaround is to choose an output file which does NOT use OCR is a workaround.  This means to scan to a regular (non-searchable) PDF, for example.

Other steps:

If OCR is required, please contact support with sample image(s) which cause this OCR failure.