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Equitrac Send To printing/Print Distribution client (EQPDToolTray.exe) - Trace log collection

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To collect trace logs for Equitrac Send To printing/Print Distrbution client:

  1. Ensure EQPDToolTray.exe utility is copied to C:\Program Files\Equitrac\Office\Client directory on the client workstation
  2. Run EQPDToolTray.exe with the -t option (for example, open command prompt and run EQPDToolTray.exe -t)
  3. Recreate the issue, collect the logs from your temp directory (C:\Users\\AppData\Local\Temp\EQPDToolTray.log)

To disable collection of logs, simply quit Send-To Printing (via the System Tray) and re-run EQPDToolTray.exe with no options.