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HP OXPD unable to select function to lock

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Problem Details

There is an issue locking only a only a few functions and not lock the full front panel when using HP Embedded : HP OXP

When trying this setup, the functions are not locked, and if selecting Print-to-Me before 'sign in' there is an error message showing up.



OXPd Application Error

45.00.64 Error "MIME type not supported" occured while attempting to communicate with


Other functions are freely available despite Equitrac Agent was selected to lock them down

The Equitrac FutureSmart embedded platform is a "Hybrid architecture" this was because HP was in transition at the time of development. For this reason Equirac has a thick client for login application and for Print-to-Me and offerd a browser based solution which is based on the server. All transaction tracking is done through the server using the HP Statistics module.

Early models of HP allowed you to deploy EQ embedded applications to prompt after mode selection, or before. The Equitrac FutureSmart embedded release has not be designed this way and therefore this embedded product does not support this mode of deployment at present.