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How to Clear the Device Control Engine (DCE) Cache

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In Equitrac Office and Equitrac Express, how do you clear the DCE cache files? 


It may be necessary to clear the cache for the following reasons:

1. If the local cache db has become corrupted

2. If the embedded devices do not appear in the Devices list in System Manager

3. Some unexplained issues are being encountered with embedded devices.



To resolve, clear the DCE cache files as follows:

NOTE: Clearing or removing the cache files may result in the loss of offline transaction information or cached authentication information. 

To preserve these, keep Transaction.bin and ValidationCache.db3 (EO/EE 4.x to 5.6)

  1. Close System Manager
  2. Stop DCE Service
  3. Start Windows Explorer and navigate to the following location

C:\Users\[User ID under which the Equitrac Services run]\AppData\Local\Equitrac\Equitrac Platform Component\EQDCESrv\Cache

(on Legacy OS)

  • C:\Documents and Settings\\Local Settings\Application Data\Equitrac\Equitrac Platform Component\4\EQDCESrv\Cache (EO/EE 4 on Legacy O)

4. Archive (Copy) all files to a backup location

  • To keep cached authentication information, keep ValidationCache.db3
  • To keep transaction information not yet posted, keep Transaction.bin
  • Delete the rest of the files

5. Restart DCE service, and confirm that the rest of the files are recreated.

6. Open System Manager and confirm that the devices are visible.  Devices (MFPs or Terminals) may need to be restarted to recreate the devices.