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How to capture trace logs for Equitrac Reports Manager


How to collect trace logs for Equitrac Reports Manager?


Unlike most Equitrac logs which are collected through System Manager, the Reports Manager logs are enabled through a registry change.


  1. Create a directory where you would like trace logs to be written to
  2. On the computer with the Reports Manager, open Registry Editor (Start > type REGEDIT)  - NOTE: Follow best practice to back up registry before modifying.
  3. Navigate to: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Equitrac\Reports Manager\Debug
  4. Create/modify the following registry keys. See example below for guidance.
    1. "Enable", type "dword", value: 2
    2. "File"= <File where you would like the trace logs to be written to, ensuring double backslashes (\\) are used, for example: C:\\EQLogs\\ReportsManagerLogs.txt>
  5. Perform tests as required
  6. Change "Enable" dword from step 4.1 to 1 (this will disable logging)
  7. Logs will be available in the directory specified in step 4.2