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How to capture trace logs for Equitrac Reports Manager

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How to collect trace logs for Equitrac Reports Manager?


Unlike most Equitrac logs which are collected through System Manager, the Reports Manager logs are enabled through a registry change.


  1. Create a directory where you would like trace logs to be written to
  2. On the computer with the Reports Manager, open Registry Editor (Start > type REGEDIT)  - NOTE: Follow best practice to back up registry before modifying.
  3. Navigate to: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Equitrac\Reports Manager\Debug
  4. Create/modify the following registry keys. See example below for guidance.
    1. "Enable", type "dword", value: 2
    2. "File"= <File where you would like the trace logs to be written to, ensuring double backslashes (\\) are used, for example: C:\\EQLogs\\ReportsManagerLogs.txt>
  5. Perform tests as required
  6. Change "Enable" dword from step 4.1 to 1 (this will disable logging)
  7. Logs will be available in the directory specified in step 4.2