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How to troubleshoot Active Directory Synchronization?

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How to troubleshoot Active Directory Synchronization within EE/EO?


  • Ensure that all applicable hotfixes have been installed
  • Confirm that Active Directory Syncronization (ADS) is configured to sync against only desired OUs
  • Use the "Test" functionality to confirm that ADS is pulling user information from the mapped OUs
  • Use the "Sychronize now" button to import all users within the mapped OUs (full import)
  • Restart the Equitrac Scheduler service (updates/changes import)
  • Please note that depending on the volume of users/changes being imported ADS may take some time to complete and show the changes. Leave the default (60 minutes) or longer for the initial import.
  • Refresh the Users view or close and relaunch Equitrac System Manager to refresh the user list