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Jobs printed from Equitrac Workstation Client get stuck with a "Registered" status

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Jobs printed from Equitrac Workstation Client get stuck with a "Registered" status.

Problem Statement:

Jobs printed from workstations with Equitrac Workstation Client (Prompt for Login) installed go to the Equitrac queue with a "Registered" status and users are not able to see their jobs at the device. Workstations without the Equitrac Workstation Client could print to the same e-queue printer, see their jobs at the device and release them. At the "Prompt for Login", users have tried using their Windows credentials or the Pin Code but still having the same results. Looking at the EQ Print Queue Viewer, these jobs have a "Registered" status without a date/time, doc name, workstation and server name, and job properties. These same jobs get duplicated and could be seeing in the Print Queue Viewer but the user name is the user that is logged into that workstation.The duplicated print job has a "Queued" status and can be released by that user account and not by the user that was entered at the "Prompt for Login" popup.


Missing printer Security rights for the user running the Equitrac Workstation Client which in this case is the Administrator user.


Go to that the Printer properties -> Security, look for the group that user belongs to which in my case was the Administrators group and make sure to enable/allow "Printer", "Manage this printer", and "Manage documents".