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NUC for Toshiba - Certificate error appears on MFP panel

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Problem Statement:

After installing the Nuance Unified Client for Toshiba, the device displays the following warning message:

Force Access?



- The root certificate of the certificate chain is self-signed and untrusted

OK  / Cancel

  • If OK is clicked, the Welcome screen appears and login is possible.
  • If Cancel is clicked, error appears "Unable to connect to server. Please contact your system administrator"
    • After refresh, the warning message appears again
  • After an MFP reboot, this warning message will appear again.

This has been observed on eBn models, and applies also to eBx models.

In this state, the card reader may also not work.


Certificate is self-signed, and is expected behavior.


Currently, this message may appear after an MFP reboot.  Press OK to dismiss the message.

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