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Print Jobs Released at a Sharp OSA (MX model) Embedded Device Do Not Print

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In Equitrac Office and Equitrac Express, using a Sharp OSA MFP (MX model) with Equitrac Embedded for Sharp installed and secure document release enabled, when you send a job to the printer, it appears in the print queue viewer and in the job list at device. However, when you release the document it disappears from the list, but does not print. Activity reports generated for the device list the job with the correct number of pages sent recorded.

This behavior can occur if secure printing on the print queue was enabled BEFORE a test page was initially sent to the device. The Sharp device is sending the transaction information to Equitrac, but is deleting the job instead of printing it.

To resolve the issue, disable secure printing for the device, enable SSL on the device, and then send a test page to the device. Once the test page successfully prints, enable secure printing on the device.

Also, review the job log on the Sharp device via the MFP Web page to see it the job has a result of "Stopped" with an "Error cause" of 042F.  This indicates that the job was sent to the printer, but that the printer deleted it because the user could not be authenticated.  This behavior is working as designed by Sharp.

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