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Print Queues Disappear After Restarting the Server

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With Equitrac Office and Equitrac Express, running the Document Routing Engine (DRE) on a Microsoft Windows R2 server, after installing Equitrac pass-through ports for RIP (ONYX) printers, and configuring the print queues for Secure Printing, everything works properly until the server is rebooted.

Then, all print queues disappear from the device list in System Manager.  You must print a test page from the print queues on the DRE to repopulate the device list.  Further, once repopulated, they default to non-secure, so each must be manually reconfigured for secure printing.   

This behavior can occur if the printers are not being detected in a timely manner during start up. During the boot process, the server contacts each printer on the network. If there is a significant delay during this process, the operating system may falsely report that there are no printers installed. As a result, Equitrac incorrectly removes the devices from the device list.

To resolve this issue, configure the EQDRE service to use the "Automatic (Delayed Start)" option instead of the "Automatic" option.  This ensures that the EQDRE service runs late enough in the boot process so that all devices have been successfully contacted and the print queues from being incorrectly removed.

NOTE:  this is a new setting implemented with the release of Microsoft Windows 2008 server.