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Printers Using Equitrac Ports Do Not Appear in System Manager

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With Equitrac Office and Equitrac Express, after using the Equitrac Printer Conversion Wizard to convert TCP/IP printers to Equitrac ports, the printers do not appear in System Manager under Devices. This behavior can occur if the system has exceeded print server printer licenses. To resolve the issue, there are three options available: a) Delete any unassigned Equitrac ports. b) Move any printers that no longer need to be monitored off of EQ ports. c) Purchase additional Print Server Printer licenses.

Verify licensing has been exceeded:

1.     Start System Manager and click Licensing in the left pane.

2.     Click Assignment View.

3.     Under Print Server Printers, compare the Count value to the Used value.  If used is less than Count, you have not exceeded licensing.  However, if Count equals Used, licensing has been exceeded.

Delete unassigned Equitrac ports:  

Over time, printers may be moved to new monitored IP addresses or may be removed from the system entirely.  When this is done, the original Equitrac ports are NOT automatically deleted.  As a result, you may have Equitrac ports that are unassigned to devices that are using Equitrac licenses.  To identify and remove unassigned Equitrac ports, perform the following steps:

1.     On the print server, open the Printers and Faxes dialog box.

2.     Select File>Print Server Properties.

3.     Click the Ports tab.

4.     Scroll through the list to locate any ports beginning with EQ_ that do NOT have a printer assigned (Printer column is empty). 

5.     Delete the Equitrac ports.  NOTE:  If a port is in use, you will be unable to delete it.

6.     Repeat steps 4 and 5 until all unassigned EQ ports have been deleted.

Move printers that no longer need tracking off of Equitrac ports:

Sometimes a printer that originally needed to be tracked, no longer needs to be.  If the printer is moved off of an Equitrac port, a license becomes available.  To free the license, first, move the printer to a TCP/IP port.  Then, manually delete the Equitrac port per the steps outlined above.

NOTE:  If there are numerous printers to be moved off of Equitrac ports and they were originally converted using the Equitrac Printer Conversion Wizard, use the Wizard.

Update Licensing in System Manager:

Deleting the unassigned Equitrac ports does NOT release licenses.  To update licensing, perform the following steps:

1.     Start System Manager.

2.     Click Devices in the left pane.

3.     In the right pane, look for any physical devices that does NOT have a plus sign beside them.  These entries represent devices that are no longer using Equitrac ports.  Right-click these devices and click Delete.

4.     Click Type view.

5.     Click the plus (+) sign beside Port.  Look for any port that does NOT have a plus sign beside it.  Right-click the port and select Delete.

6.     Click Standard view.  Repeat step 3 to delete any additional physical devices with no plus sign.

Assign licensing to newly converted devices:

Once unused licenses are available, to reassign them to the newly converted devices, exit System Manager.  Stop and restart the Print Spooler service.  Then, stop and restart the EQ CAS Service.  Restart System Manager.  Verify that the converted devices now appear.