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Ricoh USB error: Incompatible USB device

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Problem Statement:

On a Ricoh MFP with USB keyboard connected, the device displays the following error "Incompatible USB Device has been connected. Check the USB device.".

This has been observed with keyboard Model: 100266FNG (ACK-3400U).  This may occur with other USB devices as well, such as card readers.  See attached screenshot below.

Resolution / Workaround

This is a warning message produced by the Ricoh MFP hardware and is not related to Nuance / Kofax software. Even though this message is displayed, the USB device may function normally with Nuance / Kofax software.

Other Information

To clear the message, contact your Ricoh MFP support representative, and request that the service mode of the MFP SP 5844-100 "notify support" be set to "0" and then reboot the MFP.

Note: This option may not be available on all Ricoh MFP models.

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