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What does Error 47552 mean? -Failed notification email from Capture and Send

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Question: With EE/EO 4.2.6 after "Scan to Email" (Capture and Send) fails, a notification email is sent to the user stating that scanning failed because Error 47552.  What does it mean?


Error 47552 is generated when the resulting attachment exceeds the maximum attachment size specified on the email server configuration.

A user-friendly error description can be associated to error 47552 by following these steps:

1. On the CAS server change to directory: C:\Program Files\Equitrac\\\Redist\ScanProcessingTemplates

2. Make a copy of the following files and rename as:

copy error_code_info.xml  and renamed as error_code_info_custom.xml

copy and renamed as

3. Edit the custom error_code_info_custom files and add the following entry after :



        E-mail attachment size limit exceeded.


4. Restart SPE