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When printing jobs via I-Queue on a workstation there is a noticeable 20 second delay between job release and the start of printing

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When printing jobs via I-Queue on a workstation, there is a noticeable 20-30 second delay between job release and the start of printing.


Microsoft has identified a .NET 2.0 bug where certain network settings or routability can cause delays loading a signed .NET assembly.  The I-Queue system uses such a signed .NET assembly. More information can be found here:


1) Hot fix EQ53-HF-242467-DRE was released for Equitrac Office and Express v5.3


2) A work-around for this issue is to disable the requirement for the certification within the I-Queue protocols. To do this, follow these steps:

  1. Navigate to the following directory on the workstation and locate the listed file: C:\Program Files\Equitrac\[Express or Office]\Document Routing Engine\EQXPSJobSubmitter.exe.config
  2. Create a back-up of the EQXPSJobSubmitter.exe.config file.
  3. Open EQXPSJobSubmitter.exe.config with Notepad or other plain text editor.
  4. Copy the code below.                                           
  5. In EQXPSJobSubmitter.exe.config, perform a Select All and paste the above-copied text into the file.
  6. Save the changes. Security permissions may prevent you for saving the changes in the directory. If that is the case, save the file elsewhere, and copy it back to the directory, over-writing the existing EQXPSJobSubmitter.exe.config file. Verify that the file name is as written here, and does not end with a ".txt" suffix; rename if necessary.
  7. Restart the EQ_SharedEngine service, and other Equitrac ("EQ_ ...") services on the workstation.