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EP5 - Scheduled Report not sending to email

Scheduled Report not sending to email.

Scheduled Report not sending to email.

Problem: Client created a custom report with filters and tested it. Report run fine. When he scheduled the report to run and send to email, it never arrives.

Solution: The  client named the report "Para Copy/Print/Disb Daily Report".

When the system tried to generate the report to the Temp folder, it interpeted the "/" characters in the report as sub folders under Temp.

Looking at the Event Viewer, the error message generated was: "Could not find a part of the path C:\Users\service account\AppData\Local\Temp\Para Copy\Print\Disb Daily Report.pdf"

Renaming the report to "Para Copy Print Disb Daily Report" resolved the problem.

The attached screenshot shows the error.



tcook report event viewer.JPG (128 KB)