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EP5 Print Client not popping up on new installation

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After installing the Equitrac Print Client for the very first time onto a Windows-based PC, the Print Client will not engage when sending a print job to a tracked printer.


Run Microsoft Corporation's Process Explorer while reproducing the issue. Process Explorer will display that EQDtpSp.dll is not being loaded with the application. This *.dll is required to load for the Print Client to engage.

The PC does not have short filename convention, commonly referred to as 8.3 filename convention, enabled. The Equitrac Print Client requires the 8.3 filename convention be enabled since this is what is used.

You can find the path to the APPINIT_DLLS in the registry here:

HKLM\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\Windows.

HKLM\SOFTWARE\Wow6432Node\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\Windows

The key "AppInit_DLLs should contain the path to the Equitrac dll - for example "C:\PROGRA~1\Equitrac\PROFES~1\Client\x86\EQDtpSp.dll" or "C:\PROGRA~1\Equitrac\PROFES~1\Client\EQDtpSpy.dl"

Copy the path "C:\PROGRA~1\Equitrac\PROFES~1\Client\" to the start run line and verify that you can open that folder with that path.  If you cannot, this will indicate the 8.3 filenames were not enabled when these folders were created.  You cannot enable 8.3 filenames after the fact - if this was disabled when the folders were created there is no way to retroactively enable them.

If this turns out to be the problem, the resolution is to uninstall the print client and reinstall it to a custom location that does not have long file names, such as c:\equitrac. 

Refer to this Microsoft tech note for information on how to check the NTFS short name support in the registry

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