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EP5 Web Client displays error box, "Critical Error has Occured" after login

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EP5 Web Client displays error box, "Critical Error has Occured" after login.

The event viewer shows an Error Event reading:

Event ID 100

      An exception of type 'System.Data.SqlClient.SqlException' occured and was caught OR system error has occured

      System.Data.SqlClient.SqlException:Invalid object name "cas_exception_editor_config".

The key is the failure to read the table "cas_exception_editor_config".  This table contains the default settings for the Web Client, as well as any personal settings.  An examination of the SQL database shows that the table "cas_exception_editor_config" exists and contains at least one record.


The eqcas user has to have the eqcas database defined as their default database.

The core problem with EP5 Web Client in this case is that the eqcas user in the SQL server does not have eqcas database defined as the default database for this user.  This setting may have changed when the firm's database was moved to the new SQL server.  Setting this users default database to eqcas will resolve this issue with the Web Client. 

How to change:

Connect to the SQL server with Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio

Expand Security, Logins

Right click on "eqcas" and select properties.

Toward the bottom of the screen, change the default database to "eqcas"

Click OK to save changes

Note: You may need to be connected to the SQL server with windows authentication while logged in as an administrator to change this setting. 

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