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Incorrect Codes Appear in Most Recently Used (MRU) and History Lists on Some Workstations

With Equitrac Professional 5, when using the History or Last Job options in the print client popup dialog box, on some workstations, incorrect codes appear, while on other workstations the correct codes appear. This behavior may occur at a site with at least two Document Routing Engines (DRE), one of which is unable to communicate with the Core Accounting Server (CAS). As a result, transactions from that DRE would not be stored in the transaction and MRU tables in the CAS database.

Consequently, history for those workstations printing through the non-communicating DRE would eventually display incorrect codes, especially when using the Last Job button on the pop-up dialog box. 

The issue is automatically resolved once communication between the DRE and CAS servers is restored.  This may require a restart of the EQ DRE service on the non-communicating DRE server.