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No Popup when Printing to DRE Printers

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No popup when printing to DRE Printers.


  • This EP5 System is configured to track printers based on the Device Classes. It has a No Popup Printers (Default Class - Hide Popup) and Popup Printers (Determined Elsewhere).
  • Normally when a printer is registered in EP5 the Device Name and SubDeviceName will be the same; if the Print Queue name is changed sometime after the printer is registered the DeviceName and SubDeviceName will be different in the Print Transactions.

Option 1: If the DeviceName and SubDeviceName are different, both need to be added to the Popup Printers Device Class or else you will not get the popup.

  1. Open System Manager > In Left-hand column under Classes click on Devices > Expand the No Popup Printer Class and find the DeviceName and or SubDeviceName in your print transactions that are not getting the popup > Right Click the name and select Assign to Class > Select Popup Printers Class > OK > Click on Refresh in upper Left-hand corner of System Manager

Option 2: If you want the DeviceName and SubDeviceName to match (which means there would be less device management with tracking the printers), you can change the Physical Device Name (DeviceName) to match the Print Queue's Name (SubDeviceName).

  1. Open System Manager > In the Left-hand column and select Devices (Not under Classes) in the lower half of the screen. > In right pane do a right click and a find > Enter the SubDeviceName in the transaction and it should take you to the Print Queue with that name > You will see the Physical Device Name and the Print Queue Name does not match > Click on Physical Device to edit and modify the Name and Description to match the Print Queue's name exactly (must match case and any spaces or delimiters) > OK to save > See attached file to view the name change to the Physicall Device
  2. Once the Physical Device Name and Print Queue name matches then you can do the step in Option 1 to make sure the Device Name is in the proper Device Class.


File Type pngPhysicalDeviceandPrintQueueNamesareDifferent_NotGettingPopup.png (22 KB)