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Not seeing all Users when adding disbursements in the disbursemnt tab in the EP 5 Web Client

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Not seeing all Users when adding disbursements in the Disbursement tab in the EP 5's Web Client (See attached screen shot)


This behavior is set by design. The rights to see users are set by proxy rights. If a user needs to see multiple user IDs they need to be set as a proxy for them, or be set as a location or global proxy. Global proxies see all users, location proxies see all users for that location, other users who proxy for multiple users will only see their own user and the user they are a proxy for. A user with no proxy rights will only see their own user ID.

Setup User to be a proxy for each user necessary.

  • Open System Manager > Click on Users in upper left-hand column > User Table will open in the right pane > Right click in the right pane and do a find > Enter the name of the Editing User > Click on User Name to edit settings > Select 'Set User as Proxy' > Select accordingly to the attached screenshot that shows the different settings > Click OK to save.
  • Have the user log out then back in to the EQClient to confirm they can see the updated User list in the Disbursement entry pick list.



Users not showing when adding disbursement in Web Client.jpg (27 KB)

Setting Up User for Proxy Rights.png (81 KB)