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Unable to Populate a Validation Field from a Search Window in the Print Pop-up Dialog Box Is Not Populated After Selecting Validation Data from a Search Window

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With Equitrac Professional 5, on a print pop-up dialog box, if you perform a search for a validation code, and then select a value in the results list, when you highlight the item and click the Load button or double-click the entry, nothing happens; the value does not populate the field.


This behavior can occur on a workstation if System Manager installed AFTER the print client was installed. To resolve the issue, perform the following steps:

1.     On the workstation, click Start > Run.

2.     Type the following command:

Regsvr32 /u "C:\Program Files\Equitrac\Professional\Common\EQPopupMgr.dll"

3.     Click Start > Run again.

4.     Type the following command:

Regsvr32 "C:\Program Files\Equitrac\Professional\Client\EQPopupMgr.dll"

5.     Restart the EQ Shared Engine service.