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Unable to delete a filter within Equitrac Web Client

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When trying to delete a filter within the Equitrac Web Client, the following error message is returned:

     Filter "<FilterName>" cannot be deleted as it is being used by other report(s).



The filter that is being deleted is associated with one or more reports. To resolve:

Start Internet Explorer and go to http://localhost/eqclient

Log into the Equitrac Web Client page

Go to Reports > Generate Report

Select the following:

Type: Personal

Highlight each report in turn to see what filter, if any, is associated with it

Select any report associated with the filter and hit Delete

Repeat the steps above for all reports related to the filter

Go to Reports > Scheduled Reports

Select the following:

Subject: All

Format: All

Type: All

Report Status: Scheduled

Select any report that are associated with the filter in question and hit UnSchedule

Once completed,

Go to Maintenance > Filters

Select the filter > Delete