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Can EP 5 send mail through a hosted Office 365 mail server?

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Can EP 5 send mail through a hosted Office 365 mail server?



Even though currently the email option in EP5 only supports basic authentication and defaults to port 25 and does not allow you to enable TLS or SSL encryption.  

Office 365 has three different methods to send emails from devices or Equitrac servers.

Using SMTP auth such as require a different port and for this encryption be enabled.  EP5 cannot be used with this type of mail server at this time because we cannot change our ports and we do not support encryption.  

A feature request to add these options to the EP5 mail settings for scan to email and emailed reports, similar to the advanced options in Outlook has been submitted in order to potentially add this functionality at a later date.  As EP5 is designed today, this functionality is not available and this is not a confirmation that this feature is guaranteed to be added in a future release.

To enable sending via Office 365 there are two other methods explained in the below articles:

How to set up a multifunction device or application to send email using Microsoft 365 or Office 365 | Microsoft Docs

Use either Direct Send (this is for internal mailboxes only) or Office 365 relay (Ecternal and Internal) to send emails. Both methods do not require currently TLS or authentication