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Combining Exception rule and Requires Approval rules together in EP5

Combining Exception rules and Requires Approval rules together

If there is a case were a client would like to combine an exception rule to a transaction type, say for a non-billable number, but still needs to have the transaction amount over a certain value approved first before it exports to billing, both rules can be used together.

In this example, the client would like any transaction marked as an exception when using matter 999999, but also want any postage transaction over $20.00 approved first. Therefore, the transaction would first have to be corrected by the end user, then the transaction needs to be approved by a manager.

  1. If there is an exception rule for the matter 999999 under ANY TYPE transaction, you need to remove it.
  2. Then create the exception rule under EACH transaction type, using a different name for each instance, i.e. Fax Exception 999999, Copy Exception 999999, etc.
  3. Now, under the transaction type that requires approval, highlight the new exception rule and move it to Priority 1. The Requires Approval should be Priority 2 or lower.
  4. What will happen now is that any Postage transaction with matter 999999 and over $20.00 will first be marked as an Exception and have to be corrected to a valid matter number. It will then move from Exceptions to Requires Approval and need to be approved to Valid before it can be exported.