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Equitrac Professional 5: Configure a PageCounter for Print-to-Me Printing

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After associating an Equitrac PageCounter with a printer in Equitrac Professional 5, and a printer is assigned to a Pull Group, the PageCounter must be set configured to use the appropriate Print-to-Me Printing settings. These steps are only applicable when a PageCounter 100/300 has firmware compatible with Equitrac Professional 5 installed on it. The firmware version must be 33.x.x. The printer must be added to the Equitrac Professional 5 server and assigned to a Pull Group.

Note: Configuring for Equitrac Office / Express requires different steps.

  1. On the PageCounter, press End + F2
  2. Enter 112233
  3. Select 1. Network and press Enter
  4. Select 5. Print-to-Me Settings and press Enter
  5. Enter the print server IP address  and press Enter
  6. The terminal should display Printer Name: Scroll up and down to select the name of the printer this terminal is assigned to and press Enter
  7. Press Back twice to return to the main menu.
  8. Restart thePageCounter when complete