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How to Add a Physical Device in Equitrac System Manager

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With Equitrac Professional 5, how do you add a physical device in System Manager?

There are several options for adding a physical device in System Manager. The recommended "best practice" is as follows:

1.     Print a test page to the physical device to verify that it is functioning properly.

2.     Use the Equitrac Printer Conversion Wizard to convert the printer to an Equitrac port.

3.     Print a second test page to the physical device.

4.     Open System Manager and select Devices; the physical device should appear. 

        NOTE:  If the System Manager is already running, click the Refresh button; the physical device should appear.

Please refer to Chapter 6 in the Equitrac Professional 5 Administration Guide, in the section Managing Devices > Physical Devices for more information.

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