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Some Print jobs are not being assigned the correct rate

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Some Print jobs are not being assigned the correct rate


When some Print jobs are made, they are not being assigned the correct Pricing rule rate per page.


The Print job is flagged as Color, and the Pricing rule assigned to Print job does not have the correct Price List associated with it to take colour print jobs into account.

To determine the Color flag, perform the following:

  1. On the Equitrac Professional server, start Transaction Editor
  2. Click on Print > TransactionDate
  3. Change the Operator to Greater Than > enter the date of the job > Add Filter
  4. Click on UserCode > enter the user code > Add Filter
  5. Locate the applicable Print job > scroll over to see what Color is set to

Note: 0 is Monochrome and 1 is Color.


  1. Start System Manager
  2. Go to Price lists
  3. Review the Price lists available and their options
  4. Close Price list
  5. Go to Pricing Rules
  6. Click on the applicable pricing rule
  7. Change the price list to the applicable price list
  8. Click OK

Note: This will only take place going forward. Any posted transactions will not be impacted by the change and will need to be re-costed.