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Some User IDs Are Not Available at Terminals When Using Active Directory Synchronization

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With Equitrac Professional 5, using Active Directory synchronization to maintain users, some user ids are not working at terminals. Review of users in Equitrac reveals that the users did not get added to the Equitrac database during synchronization.

This behavior can occur if the field in Active Directory that contains the user's ID is empty for those uses missing in Equitrac. To verify this, perform the following steps:

1.     Start System Manager and select Configuration in the left pane.

2.     In the right pane, select Active Directory synchronization.

3.     Click the Test button and enter the user login of a user ID not working at a terminal. 

4.     Note whether a user code is returned.  If no user code is returned, this confirms that the corresponding field in Active Directory is empty.  

Once it is confirmed that the field is empty, to resolve the issue, populate the field for the user in Active Directory and then allow synchronization to update the Equitrac database.  The user IDs should now be available at all terminals.

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