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User [user full name] contains a duplicate pin. User has been added with no pin. Error Message Appears in Event Viewer after AD Sync Runs

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With Equitrac Professional 5, after Active Directory synchronization runs, an error message appears in Event Viewer indicating that the user code for a new user already exists in the Equitrac database. The user is added to the Equitrac database, but has no user code (PIN) assigned.

This message indicates that the User Code assigned to the user already exits in the Equitrac database. User Codes must be unique. To resolve the issue, determine what the duplicate User Code is and which users(s) have been assigned the duplicate value. Once you have this information, fix the duplicate in Active Directory, NOT Equitrac. When the next synchronization occurs, the correct User Codes will be created in Equitrac.

1.    In System Manager, click Configuration in the left pane.

2.    In the right pane, click Active Directory Synchronization.

3.    Under Assign Values from Active Directory, determine which Active Directory attribute is mapped to the UserCode field.

4.    Click the Test button.

5.    In the User Name field, type the user name (network ID) referenced in the Event Viewer error message and the click the Lookup button.  The Active Directory profile for the user appears.

6.    Locate the value assigned the mapped attribute.  Note the duplicate value assigned

7.     Click the OK button to close the Active Directory Lookup dialog box.

8.     Click the OK button to close the Active Directory Synchronization dialog box.

9.     In the left pane, click Users.

10.   Click the UserCode column heading to sort the user list by UserCode.

11.   Locate the duplicate UserCode (from step 6) in the list.  Note the user name currently assigned the value in Equitrac.

12.   In Active Directory, locate the two users with the same User Code assigned. 

13.   Adjust the values accordingly so that the no duplicate exits. 

The next time Active Directory synchronization occurs, the User Code will be correct in Equitrac.

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