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What is required from an EP5 client when they are changing Billing Systems?

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What is required from an EP5 client when they are changing Billing Systems?


What is required from an EP5 client when they are changing Billing Systems or Accounting systems?

A common request that comes in to service is that the client is getting a accounting system at the firm and they need to set up the existing Equitrac system to work with the new billing system. What are the steps we need to go through to accommodate this request?


The firm's billing system typically provides the validation files to the Equitrac server and also imports the transaction data that is exported from the Equitrac server.  Changing billing systems usually means we need to reconfigure the imports and exports in the Equitrac server.  Additionally, sometimes field lengths change and even the database structure can change, as when going from a matter only configuration to a client - matter configuration.

Ask the client to provide detailed layout information of the validation files the billing system will create for us, and the specifications of the transaction file they will import, along with the exact name and version of the new billing system.  We also need the location of where these files should be located.  Ask the client to request this information along with sample files from the new billing vendor.

Also, remotely access the system and collect sample files from the existing imports and exports and the layout information.  This can be collected by taking screenshots of the configuration of the import and export wizard while viewing the existing tasks.

Once you collect the sample files and file layout information from both the old system and the new system, this information should be submitted to Tier 2 for an estimate of the hours of labor required to perform the required changes. 

When you receive the estimate for the changes, make the necessary arrangements to submit a quote to the client for the charges.  When this is approved, you can schedule the work.  If Tier 2 assistance in making the changes is required, a new task should be opened at this time.