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How to Troubleshoot a TouchPoint Console Which is Offline

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With Equitrac Professional 5, using a TouchPoint Console (TPC), how do you troubleshoot the cause of a TPC which is offline. To troubleshoot an offline TPC, review the following information:

1.     Determine whether the offline status applies to other/all TPCs or only one.  If the issue applies to multiple units, the problem could be with the Device Control Engine (DCE).  Verify that the DCE service is running.

2.     Verify that the Primary Server IP address is defined on the TPC.  A TPC can sometimes drop the IP address of the DCE server resulting in an offline status.

3.     Verify that all physical cabling to the terminal is correct and properly seated.  Make sure it is connected to the wall jack correctly and that the link lights are active.It could be a problem with the network switch that is preventing the TPC from communicating.  Also, makes sure the connection from the wall is plugged into the wall outlet and not the expansion outlet on the TPC.

4.     Connect the TPC to a network jack of a known working device.  This helps determine if the problem is with the TPC or with the network location.

5.     Replace the network cable.  The cable could be damaged even if it does not look damaged.

6.     Attempt to set the terminal with a DHCP address or a static address.  Try to ping to get a response.  A network configuration issue could be preventing a connection.

7.     If the TPC continues to remain offline, consider replacing the terminal.

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